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It transforms, for me, frowns into smiles; it beautifies, as if a film had been washed off an old picture so that the colors appear clear and bright, like nature on a warm spring day after a shower.
     Princess Ileana of Romania

If that upon which a country is built—if that foundation is the lowest—then the Romanian peasant is the lowest. If that element which has preserved the language, faith, courage, nationality, tradition, all that which is great in the land, is the noblest—then the peasant is the noblest. It is on him that we all count; he is the backbone of our country; he is our pride and joy!
    Princess Ileana of Romania

  Princess Ileana of Romania Gallery
  Castelul Bran
  Orthodox Monastery of the Transfiguration
  Queen Marie Regina Maria of Romania
  Carmen Sylva – Regina Elisabeta of Romania

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